FinkProbe® Integrated Steel Coupon Test Station

The FinkProbe® integrated steel coupon cathodic protection test station combines the field proven durability of the Big Fink enclosure with the established advantages of steel coupons. Factory assembled by Cott Manufacturing Company and available from Cott's worldwide distributor network, the FinkProbe's® unique design allows the easy installation of a rugged maintenance free coupon system that will greatly assist in the measurement of:
  • On potentials with small voltage drop errors.
  • Instant off potentials.
  • Depolarization measurements without de-energizing the system.
  • Current direction and current density.
  • Soil resistance changes.
  • Corrosion rates.


Bond Plug
Brakes circuit between pipe and coupon for fast, easy instant off potential measurement.

Access Tube
for quick, unobstructed placement of reference electrode close to the coupon.

CP Wire
for underground service and color coded for easy lead identification.

Steel Ring Coupon
Certified API 5L with 0.01 ft2 standard exposed area for easy calculations. Coupon surface is clean and protected from contamination. Coupon weight certified and recorded (optional). Single coupon standard. (Double coupon optional).
Big Fink® CP Test Station
proven convenience and durability.

CottShunt® (optional)
To measure current direction and magnitude.

CottPipe® PC
support and access tube made from high strength polycarbonate (same as Big Fink) which ensures that the electrode access stays open. CottPipe® PC available in all colors and lengths from 4' to 40'.

PE Shrink Fittings
isolate coupon and eliminate "edge effects". All annular spaces epoxy sealed.

Porus Ceramic Alloy Plug
prevents contamination of the "salt bridge" - keeps sensing port 1" from the coupon.