FlangeFink® Cathodic Protection Test Station

The Flange Fink® cathodic protection test station is a special version of the widely used 5 to 11 lead BigFink® or the 2 to 3 lead LittleFink® test station. Both models are designed to be easily mounted on a pipe flange or vault wall. Made by Cott Manufacturing Co. and readily available from distributors worldwide, the FlangeFink® test stations provide all the convenience, ruggedness and safety of both standard Fink® test stations. The FlangeFink® test stations are made of high impact strength, non-conductive Lexan®. Both may be used to house resistance bonding hardware or as a terminal for test leads to read:
  • Underground structure-to-soil potentials.
  • Cathodic protection anode currents.
  • The resistive integrity of insulation flanges and joints.
  • The integrity of insulation between all types of underground metallic structures, such as between a carrier and its casing.
  • Stray currents on all types of underground structures.
  • May be readily mounted on all types of flanges, vault walls and other types of supports.
  • Self contained shield protects enclosed area from infestation by insects.
  • High-impact strength - molded of Lexan®, one of the world's toughest plastics which is used to make football helmets, military helmet liners, crash helmets, snow mobile bodies, aircraft windows, etc.
  • Has four times the impact strength of aluminum.
  • One-half the weight of aluminum.
  • Will not rust, corrode, shock, shatter peel, add weight or absorb heat.
  • Has dimensional and electrical stability from -60 degrees F. to +250 degrees F.
  • Stable under ultraviolet attack.
  • Terminals completely accessible from both sides of terminal board.
  • Maintenance free - eliminates painting - comes in a variety of colors.
  • Non-metallic Lexan® drastically reduces shock hazard.
  • Available in your choice of colors - black, blue, red, orange, yellow, green, and white - other colors available on request.
  • Accessories Include: Nickel plated copper bonding straps, calibrated shunts, lightning arrestors, etc.
  • Both the Bigfink® and the LittleFink® can be ordered with a locking device.
Test Station: Lexan® polycarbonate.
Hardware: Machine screws, washers, hx nuts - marine brass nickel plated (stainless steel hardware available as an option.)
Flange Mounting Adapter: 14 gauge cold rolled steel, zinc plated or fluidized bed coated with PVC or 304 stainless steel. Each test station consists of a lockable cover, a terminal board with integral compression fit base, and a compression nut for clamping the base to the flange adapter. Also included is a metal flange or vault wall mounting adapter and complete hardware. Wiring and other accessories are available on request.

  • Single (2 lead) FlangeFink®
  • Double (3 lead) FlangeFink®
  • Single (5 lead) FlangeFink®
  • Double (8 lead) FlangeFink®