FinkLet®/FinkPlate® Cathodic Protection Test Stations

The FinkLet® and FinkPlate® cathodic protection test stations are rugged, maintenance free, non conductive terminals for monitoring electrical currents and potentials. Utilized worldwide by oil, gas, chemical and water pipeline companies, FinkLet® replaces Condulet® style outlets bodies. FinkPlate® retrofits any E-27 or E-37 body. FinkLet® and FinkPlate® are available from all Cott distributors and are produced in Cott's factories at Pittsburgh and Los Angeles.


CP Test Station
FinkLet® and FinkPlate® made from Makrolon® polycarbonate. One of the toughest plastics in the world. Has fifty times the impact resistance of bakelite.

Support Post
CottPipe® PE (standard) polyethylene blend has over 20 years of proven durability. CottPipe® PC (optional) polycarbonate is available for the toughest applications. Standard length 6 feet - available to 40 feet.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, and Black are standard on FinkLet®, FinkPlate® and CottPipe®. Any color is available as an option.
Standard nickel plated brass or optional stainless steel for guaranteed long service life. Up to 4 terminals accessible from both sides of the board. ZapGard® (Banana Jacks) conforms to NACE RP-01-77.

All FinkPlate® terminal boards can accommodate CottShunts® Burndy connectors, Cott bonding/shorting straps, Banana Jacks, and lightning arrestors.

Available in models to fit 3/4" and 1" pipe and E27 or E37 Condulet® bodies.